Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), as used in this office, after an adjustment(s), is an exceptional way to expedite the natural healing process of the body. This is accomplished by sending a very small electrical current into the affected soft tissue injury or muscle spasm. The therapy utilizes this current is a natural way to reduce swelling and inflammation, improve circulation and help the body to restore soft tissue to normal. A "mini massage" as Dr. Jim calls it, also can reduce muscle spasm and release "trigger points". An additional result of EMS therapy is the release of the body's natural pain relievers, referred to as "endorphins." 

In summary, EMS Therapy is actually a medical procedure used by Physical Therapists and requires, in the state of Georgia, a license to perform this procedure in a Chiropractic office. All Chiropractors, therefore, do not use this and other therapeutic medical modalities in their office. 

Dr. Jim is licensed and utilizes EMS extensively to return athletes back to their peak performance. 

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