xray.jpg X-rays, CT scans and MRI's, as well as, numerous other diagnostic studies, when used judiciously, are excellent tools to give the Doctor of Chiropractic an "inside" view of the internal structures and health of both hard and soft tissue (bone and organs) for a comprehensive diagnosis. 

After a thorough evaluation and exam, Dr. Jim would make a decision as to whether a scan was absolutely necessary to determine the cause of the patient's condition and therefore, which specific diagnostic study would render the maximum amount of information. 

All patients do not require an initial diagnostic study unless Dr. Jim suspects there is an existing underlying condition such as a bone fracture, pathological disease, or an anomaly that would prevent chiropractic care to be effective. Children under the age of 17 are rarely subjected to any form of radiology.

Dr. Jim adheres to the strict guidelines for the use of diagnostic studies as established by the AMA (American Medical Association).    

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