April 2017


If you have been in lately you know that we have been very very busy here at Heritage Chiropractic and Wellness Center...and many of you deserve some of the credit along with our sincere gratitude. The 5 star reviews that have been written and submitted lauding Dr. Jim's exceptional chiropractic care on the internet and Social Media has our wonderful community of patients and friends "buzzing"... As we all are aware, your kind words coupled with your referral of family and friends is the greatest compliment Dr. Jim could ever receive!!! It feels so good knowing that I have been under his skillful care as a patient for 10 years, and in a significant way, he has touched and enriched the lives of my family as he has yours.

I am honored and excited that he is allowing me the opportunity (along "with a little help from his patients and friends") to get the word out!!! We can't keep his skill and care a secret!!! For those of you who have taken the time to write your 5 star reviews by going to our website...our Facebook page...and leaving Google Reviews...THANK YOU!!! For those of you who feel so compelled...please take a few minutes to share your experiences with Dr.Jim on Facebook, Google or our website. (Links are below)

Lastly, it's S-P-R-I-N-G!!! YEA!!!! Come get your "tune-up"...consider the 10 or 21 Day Detox /Weight loss Programs...get ready for the beach and the best summer ever!!! We look forward to seeing you soon.



MARCH 2017


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

My name is Kate Vitetta and I am writing this month's newsletter on behalf of Dr. Jim.  Jim has asked me to assist him in his marketing efforts on Social Media.  I am excited to say that Heritage Chiropractic can be found on Facebook by searching Heritage Chiropractic and Wellness Center.  While there you can find contact information, office hours, interesting chiropractic information and current Heritage Chiropractic happenings.  We invite you to visit Heritage Chiropractic's Facebook page.... LIKE it and PLEASE share it!!

Our website at is undergoing a "facelift".  Soon you will find videos about chiropractic care, links to wellness articles, nutritional information and wellness programs that Dr. Jim offers and much more!

Heritage Chiropractic & Wellness Center is also on Instagram  @heritage_chiropractic.  Find us, follow us and please share us!  We are excited to be using the #hashtag.

We are increasing our visibility on Google, Yelp, FourSquare.... everywhere!  Many of you have been seeing Dr. Jim for years for your chiropractic care, whether you get adjusted to make everyday life easier and less painful, or you've sustained a sports injury, been involved in a car accident or use regular care in your weekly physical training.  It would be helpful to Dr. Jim and Heritage Chiropractic & Wellness Center to visit any of the links above on any social media outlet and leave a rating.  If you feel so inclined and have the time I ask that you please leave Dr. Jim a testimonial.  The more feedback he gets online, the more visible he becomes.  So many people search the internet for information these days and we want to make sure that everyone gets the best care available and we all agree that Dr. Jim can give it to them.  I appreciate your help in promoting Heritage Chiropractic.

I may be helping Dr. Jim with his marketing and promotions, but I have also been a patient of Dr. Jim's for almost a decade.  His knowledge combined with his skill and, most importantly, his care, makes Dr. Jim the best at what he does.  I'm proud to have him as my Doctor and my friend.  This is the best way I can share information about him and his incomparable care.  Look for more emails from me about the progress of Dr. Jim and his journey into Social Media!  We so appreciate your help.





Yes it's true ...The holidays are OVER!!!!!!!! Time for your "tune up"!!!

18 years ago I made a deposit to rent the location next door and began my humble beginning to continue my family heritage that began in 1913 when my grandfather became the first licensed chiropractor in New York...for 104 years our family has been helping people improve their lives.

I am grateful for the privilege of being your Doctor of Chiropractic.

This entire month we are running a "Sweetheart" special on both the 10 and 21 day Weight Management/Purification programs...the healthiest way I have found to reduce weight...loose inches ...AND...detox your body resulting in a better new you. The perfect compliment to any New Years' resolution! Call and speak with us for details or go online to and go to "products" and then "Purification Program"...perfect for you and your sweetheart to get healthier together...I am your coach... and as your personal coach (and biggest fan) I want to offer an incentive to get and keep you motivated. For those that choose the 21 Day Program and lose OVER 20lbs, I will reimburse 50% of the cost of the program. For those that commit to the 10 Day Program, I will reimburse 25% of the program cost for any weight loss exceeding 12lbs. I believe this Purification Program is without a doubt the very best program on the and unbelievably effective.

In other exciting news.... this Saturday, February 4th Heritage Chiropractic is hosting an essential oils class. Kick off the new year with Young Living Essential Oils at Heritage Chiropractic..1:00pm for an informative introduction to the amazing benefits of using essential oils as a natural way to protect and care for your entire family's health. You won't want to miss it! Each patient attending will receive a complimentary gift.

Have a wonderful February! Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Testimonials appreciated!!!

Warm regards,

Dr. Jim

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